Gallery 2 - Sense of belonging and taking roots into Greater Madawaska (1860-1960)
   16. Drummond

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Frank Lagacé, Annie Cyr and Ella Beaulieu (am_2363)

Click to enlargeHippolyte Lagacé and Élisabeth Chapais married in Van Buren in 1850 and at least four of their children settled in Drummond: François Frank, Pierre, Thomas and Abraham. Abraham married Louise Grenier and lived in Drummond on lot 119 and had ten children: Paul, Pit, Marguerite, Catherine, Elizabeth, Jean-Baptiste, Marie, Émile, Wallace and Edna. In 1894, Frank married Annie Cyr, daughter of Pierre and Anastasie Cyr of Van Buren, and had three children: Côme (who married three times), Emma (Émile Beaulieu) and Berthe (became a nun). Little Ella Beaulieu was Emma's daughter. After her first husband's death Anastasie Cyr came to live in Drummond with her daughter Annie Cyr and married old Jean Beaulieu (widow of Marie-Anne Lizotte), at Drummond in 1889. Annie Cyr Lagacé was a midwife and helped deliver more than 300 babies. Photo taken around 1910. Lent by Jean-Guy Plourde.


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